Food and Drink

Pages of Vegetable Superfoods in NFT Form

Each NFT has a slew of benefits.

Your NFT purchase will be used towards donations to causes for a greener planet.

Here's how it works: each NFT gives you a full range of experiences, including:



Team up with other like minded users for a greener earth, starting by eating greener.

Donation to Causes

Veggie Pages will donate 50% of profits to select causes which will be chosen via DAO.


Access to unique features, including recipe hack "pages," NFT drops, and much more.


DAO voting will take place among token holders to dictate the direction of this project.

Unprecedented Longevity of Life. For both humans and the planet Earth.

The world is dying. Humanity in general has never been as obese before, and the earth's natural resources are continuously getting depleted. 

Veggie Pages' initiative aims to help curb that. 

Our Partners

Are You Ready to Help Yourself and the Planet?

Join us in our initiative for a greener world. Our NFT project will be centered around this.